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Marine Lead Deck Hand / Boatswain Vacancy - Plymouth UK

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Thu Jan 12 2023 · United Kingdom · Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an internationally renowned marine research organisation delivering scientific research in climate change, marine pollution and sustainability. We have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic, experienced deck hand / boatswain with a passion for the environment to join our small, friendly team supporting marine research scientists in their work, including data collection. In addition to hands-on marine deck work you will be involved in mechanical and electrical maintenance activities, you will get involved in supporting the development of innovative new marine technologies including autonomous vehicles, computer based marine systems and green energies.

You will need to be physically fit spending up to 3 – 4 days a week at sea on our research vessel, the Plymouth Quest (22m) and will be required to undertake the MCA Approved Engine Certificate 1 (AEC1).

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